Web Design

Not to sound all fancy & stuff  but we really do have a multi-layered approach to crafting websites. Expect us to approach your project by fully incorporating User Experience Design, Usability, Functionality & Accessibility.

Graphic Design & Video Editing

Look at the pretty blocks below and this funky image on the landing page, oh Also there’s the logo and responsive elements you’re able to interact with. This is a practical representation of what Graphic Design looks like and what we’re able to do for you.


Bob Google searches “Organic Milk”.  John owns an online organic milk delivery service, however, so does Peter, Steven & Patrick. The only difference is that John made use of strategic keywords in his website making him the first search result on Google. We can help you be more like Bob.


April 4, 2016

Launch Tech Africa

April 4, 2016

Autel Africa

April 4, 2016

We’re not like most guys, so you probably won’t find any text on our site saying something like “this passionate group of visionaries…” etc because lets be honest, you’ve seen an heard it too many times before. All you need to know is that we are fairly new and have already knocked quite a number of projects out of the park.

“Insert very cheesy and slightly overused quote by a great mind who is probably dead.” – Original Saying

Choose Recipe

We process the client brief, layout project objectives and assign tasks to respective departments for a smooth productive workflow.

Mix Ingredients

The content team carefully places information received from client whilst ensuring text fluidity throughout webpages.

Stick in Oven

Our creative team will maintain your company ethos by expertly crafting unique user experiences for each individual page.

Icing. Enjoy!

After the department heads thoroughly assesses the project, we will be sure to invite our client over for some cake and champagne.